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11:18 AM
A Challenger Appears
Hello hello dear readers!

Thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself. はじめまして, I'm one of the new translators, nfinite! And completely new I am to the scanlation community. I've never done this before, but I'm looking forward to providing you readers with some awful quality transcriptions translations!

A little bit about myself:
I'm not a native Japanese speaker, but I've got about four years experience under my belt. And it only gets better from here, right? I've been a huge anime fan for ... I don't know how many years. I think my first anime was Gundam Wing on seen on Toonami. My interests are quite broad; take a look at my MAL Anime List to see the spectrum. But hey, it's time to make a foray into the manga world. This'll be of benefit to both of us, right? I learn more Japanese, you get your manga fix: win-win. Everyone goes home happy!

If you notice from my MAL manga list, I'm actually huge noobie with regards to manga itself. So to be honest, I'm just picked up one of the projects that BRS had chosen that looked interesting to me. This time around, it's Destruction Princess! TL progress is going well and hopefully you'll get some releases in the near future.

Perhaps in the distant future, after this DesPri is done, I'll be more versed in manga selection. If not, suggestions are always welcome.

I should probably end this post here before I ramble on too long. I look forward to contributing to the scanlation community.


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Nice to meet you

Welcome. also, nice to someone else other that me or donyusufahmed post for once

Welcome Nifinite. If only Ciel were here, we have a huge party.

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