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CielDate: Thursday, 10 February 2011, 0:10 AM | Message # 1
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We need some proofreaders at the moment!

* Find anything the translator missed, make sure that everything is in ENGLISH not gibberish, and you have to be able to correct all mistakes in the text
* Have great english language skills in grammer, spelling and punctuation.
* Find missing txt and hightight it
* Contact me if u find one, then i will contact the translator.
Here is the Proofreader test. It is 2 pg i took from a book that was in my room randmoly so u wont have to look for missing txt or anything. Just fix all my spelling mistaks and make sure it makes since to me. Have Fun!

Visit me at
b1u3frogDate: Wednesday, 18 September 2013, 5:13 PM | Message # 2
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GlaskattDate: Friday, 31 January 2014, 9:34 AM | Message # 3
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Had a look at that test and here is my fixed version. Didn't know where to post it so it went here.
All my corrections are in red font so it is easier to see what I changed.

Laon-Not fun
Tae-Ha-"The floor!?
Tae-Ha-Um.../.You don't... /want my liver?
Laon-"This is boring"
SFX-Roll roll roll
PG 2
Girl-I'm not a blond! The half-akuma(Demon) are a done deal./ They'll Greatly increase our military strength. /That's why Komui Lee haven't said anything...
Girl-Ok Back to work for you.
sfx-shuff shuff shuff
Girl-You've been running around like a mad hare lately!
Boy-LET ME GO!/ !/ Yu?/ Yu Kanda?!
-and just for the kicks of it I'm going to throw in a summery for you XD-
When police discover Laon naked and hungry on the street, they are not sure what to think of this odd little boy. How can they know that this odd
little boy is in fact a nine tailed fox, or at least know he wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for him losing his tails in a bet to a witch? How Laon is on a crusade to recover his missing appendages, if other spirtual forces don't find him first!

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