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1:33 PM
10 and what's to come
So here you are, with another installment of Miriko-chan featuring the hopeless Takashi. Hope you enjoy the chapter! As usual, it's over in the forums.

I'm gonna use the publicity of a release to get a personal post in here. :D

If you're interested, hit the break to read what's coming up!

I wanted to say a few things about projects I'm involved with here at BRS. I finally finished translating all three volumes of Destruction Princess, so it just needs to go through the usual proof, typeset, double check routine. Looking at the timestamps: 6 months to translate 22 chapters. This included going at 5 grad classes and grad research too! (but maybe that's too much personal info for you guys to care). But school is officially done for me (possibly for life), so what does that mean for you readers!?

I'll continue to do Masurawo (and if you're wondering about that, there's no existing freely available raws for the next volume or two, so we've got one of our very own awesome staff doubling up as raw provider, so stay tuned, it's still an active project for us).

But with DesPri finished, and my newfound semester's worth of vacation, it means I need some new manga projects. I've chosen one from the many that bigstew posted in the Requests forum Choi Hime. Seems like a good followup as any after DesPri.

However, before that, I'd like to try my hand at a genre that better fits my own interests - particularly something Seinen and Actiony. I found a nice one-shot, Kyoukai Sensen - Marginal Battle Line that fits the bill.

Both of these projects are relatively short, (relatively, b/c given the groups track performance, it'll still probably take a half year to get through both). But I'm still pretty noob to the manga world, so if there's anything you might want to see scanlated in the future, please post your thoughts in the Forum!

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Book editors do this, and so do manizage editors. Why shouldn't journal editors? After all, that's what editing *is*!But mainly my point is that there is no systematic demand for anything approaching good writing. If editors, and perhaps referees, do not even comment on basic grammatical errors, what hope is there for the correction of more subtle errors in clarity of exposition? Somebody, somewhere, has to provide feedback.Perhaps the real problem is that nobody actually reads papers anymore, since they are no longer the primary means by which ideas are communicated.

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Grats on finishing school, hope the next chapter of your life goes as well. Hope you find raws for Masurawo soon, it's one of my favorite series and what turned me on to your group.

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