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Main » 2011 » August » 8 » Anikoi Chapter 1 and Important issues addressed.
1:45 PM
Anikoi Chapter 1 and Important issues addressed.

I am proud to say that we are bringing you the first chapter of Anikoi, even though it was completed over a week ago. Another point that i would like to make is that we need the raws for volume 2. We have almost finished working on the entire first volume, and we are hoping that one of you reading this message can provide us with the raws for the second volume. Black Rock Scans will really appreciate it.

Lately, i received a message from a user complaining about the posts required to see the links for the completed chapters. First of all, i would like you to know that I decided on a whim to make it 5 posts before you can see the links. After discussing it with my staff members, it would seem that the previously stated requirement was too high and we have decided to make it 1 post before you can see the links. Secondly, I never mentioned anything about an active forum but neither do i want this place to resemble a ghost town.  If you are going through the forum and see a thread that interests you, try and make a comment that contributes to the topic. That's all i ask. Thirdly, As i am sure that you have noticed, we have never once asked you for donations. I see no problem with providing members with an irc-bot, but sadly i can't. This requires a computer with good connection capabilities, both of which i just don't have the luxury to spare, if any of you are willing to help us out with this plight, we would gladly accept your help.

Thank you.
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thanks man!

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