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Main » 2012 » July » 22 » End of Vol1?
11:23 AM
End of Vol1?

It's been some time =) but here you go, another chapter of this random references manga.

I think this puts us at the end of volume 1... but we're looking for raws for the continuing volumes. I might be able to order some and get them shipped to the states, but if anyone has more easily obtainable sources, please contact us!
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14 Heliz  

I would like to retranslate Anikoi to spanish!
This is the page of my fansub, KCG-Fansub:
I will include your credits and the link of your page in my credits!

I’ll be waiting your answer!

Thanks :)

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13 Razor91  
ups it a duble sorry >< i tought it didnt send it o.o

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12 Razor91  
i glad to hear that the arms peddler is under TLon its one of my favs ;)

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11 Razor91  
im glead to hearing that its under TLon :D the arms peddler is one of my favs ;)

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7 Razor91  
somehow i cant write on IRC :( its always says that connecton faild :( any solution?

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8 nfinite  
strange, everything seems to be working here...

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6 Razor91  
hey are you guys still active?? i hope so :D

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9 nfinite  
we need more typesetters =)

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5 anon  
i don't know where to properly contact you guys, but aren't the raws for vol. 5 of Arms Peddler already out?

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10 nfinite  
At first, I thought it was a joint...
Now I've just been tasked with TLing it...
But our current rate of cleaning and typesetting is reeeeealllllyyyy slow =(

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4 Dheku  
THANKS!!! *-*

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3 overclucker  
I think I'll have to reread the first 3. おつかれさまでした。

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2 Thankful  
Just started reading this, hope you keep on working on it. Thanks for the release.

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