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2:56 PM
Man up in life. Just do it

We actually had Chapter 3A ready, but Chapter 2B wasn't ready... so... yeah. Here's a chapter spanning double release... just so that you'll have to be kept in suspense in the middle of chapter 3!

And sorry it's been about 3 weeks since our last release. I was personally undergoing a huge life change - moved to California. Can't say what the other people on the team were doing though. So if you think our releases are too slow, perhaps you'd like to help! Hit us up on the forums or our IRC channel. Cleaning, typesetting, and translating are probably our biggest needs right now.
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4 nfinite  
we shall see =)
actually i cheat, since i've already translated the second half.

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3 Ruwi  
The Answer in the latest Chp is 4

Reasoning: Currently there are only 4 people whole are alive playing the game which is why it's OK to just throw the paper away :)

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1 TKO  
Thanks for the chapters :).
Anyone else having troubles downloading 3a.

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2 nfinite  
Yeah, something weird is up with mediafire right now. It knows the file is there, but when it resolves to their internal servers, it fails... I've even reuploaded, and it didn't work. So maybe we have to wait a bit... otherwise, the IRC bot has it
Or, if you want to have your fix now:

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